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Shelter catches fire.

13 April 2019

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sister shelter

Shelter destroyed by fire in Nicholas Everitt Park will be rebuilt

Following the fire on Saturday 13th that destroyed one of the much loved shelters in Nicholas Everitt Park, Oulton Broad, commitment has been made to rebuild it.

The shelter, one of two identical ones, lies on the land of the Nicholas Everitt Park Trust, for which Oulton Broad Parish Council is the sole trustee. At it’s meeting on Monday night the Parish Council unanimously agreed to rebuild the shelter.

A representative for Oulton Broad Parish Council said: “the public’s love of the park, and these shelters is clear to see, and people have rightly expressed their upset when the fire destroyed one on Saturday. The Parish Council feels the same and is committed to rebuilding the shelter, so the view of the entrance and sunken gardens in our beautiful park is restored”.

Oulton Broad Parish Council has already had some very encouraging conversations with local organisations offering their support to the rebuild. Lowestoft College have offered time and labour from it’s carpentry and bricklaying departments and conversations are under way with a local timber merchant who has offered their support to supply the timber.

“Our talks with local people shows that community spirit is alive and well. We are thankful for the support offered so far and while there is still a lot that needs to be organised we are pushing forward to get the rebuild under way as soon as we can”.

If any other local suppliers or trades people are able to assist with materials or other support for the project please contact the parish clerk on 01502 564289 or email clerk@obpc.uk