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The role of a Councillor

What do Parish Councillors do?

Parish councillors deal with decisions that affect the immediate local area, lobbying on behalf of their community and representing the views of their local residents in relation to any issues/matters of concern affecting them directly.

These are usually more local issues such as:
• Play areas and play equipment
• Grants for local organisations
• Consultation on local planning
• Allotments
• Nicholas Everitt Park
• Nicholas Everitt Park Charity Trust
• Memorial benches/trees and flowers
• War Memorial
• Grit bins
• Provision of some local services (depending on the whether the council operates any services)

Parish Councillors work alongside District Councillors and County Councillors representing the same electorate, but for different purposes. Up to now, Oulton Broad areas have missed out on having this extra level of representation and have therefore not benefited from the extra resources and extra focus having a town/parish council can bring to an area.

Guidance for being a Councillor

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