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Christine Ashdown

  I am married with two grown up children and six grandsons. My husband and I moved to Oulton Broad 12 years ago. I was chairperson of Oulton Broad in Bloom for three years. I am an active member of The Dales W.I. and have been president twice.

Jean Bragg


Paul Carver

 p carver

 I am originally from Norwich but have lived in Lowestoft for the past 30 years, I am married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren,who all live in Lowestoft, I have recently taken early retirement, after 35 years at Royal Mail and now
that I have some spare time on my hands I was looking for something worthwhile and as the opportunity came along to join Oulton Broad Parish Council I decided that it would be good to to do something for the area that I live.
I am also Chairman of 2nd Carlton Colville Scout Group a position I have held for 15 years.

Ben Falat (Vice Chair)

Ben Falat When I first arrived by train in Oulton Broad I had just discovered 'The Alps’; ‘Flat-Land’ was a shock to the system, but it grows on you.

My wife’s family lived on a houseboat on Oulton Broad when she was born and we are both still wholly involved in water sports, in particular sailboat racing. I taught (Maths) in a local high school mainly, for some 15-years, interspersed with an equal period as an Officer in the Royal Navy and then some time in a 6th-form college, up the road. Our first house was in Beccles Road and the present one is North of the broad; daughter attended Oulton Broad Primary and Lothingland so yes, I do now feel well qualified as a ‘local’.

Indeed I love it here and not only do I seek to do the very best for everyone in the locality but also I should like to be allowed to have a hand in improvements and in promoting to the wider world of tourism what we might offer.

Now retired I am time-rich enough to be able to focus my efforts onto returning and enhancing what this Community has given me over the last 45-years.

Brian Keller

brian keller

I was originally born In Balham London, in my early years I became a founder member of the local cub pack, progressing through to a Scout, Rover Scout, and finally becoming a Scout Leader, a position I held for many years, my working life began as a trainee printing machine minder, progressing through to printing production office progressing through to eventually running a Production office as manager in the publishing world, also served my two years conscription in the Army Catering Corps, Married we had two children, eventually they got married increasing the family to 4 grandchildren. After retiring we moved to Oulton Broad, which, we as a family have never regretted, I also became a School Governor at Roman Hill School, eventually becoming chair of governors steering the school to become outstanding, Also becoming a founder member of Oulton Broad in Bloom which was very successful for many years, becoming their treasurer, unfortunately this was disbanded after many years through lack of support, now very active member of the Rotary Club of Lowestoft, I am very interested in the volunteering sector, and hope that by joining OBPC, I working with the rest of the Councillors, can help to keep Oulton Broad the best place to live, work, and visit, and looking after its future development.

Sandra Keller 


Sandra Keller

I have lived in the Oulton Broad area for the last 17 years. I am a mother of two grown up children, also the Grandmother to 4, and have been involved in many voluntary organisations.


I served on many committees as a District Councillor for Waveney District Council from 2002 till 2011. I also had the privilege of serving as Chairman of the District Council for two years. I enjoy discussion and feel this role would give me the opportunity to help the people of Oulton Broad. 

Lesley Lavery


 lesley lavery  

Andrew Page

Andrew Page Lowestoft born and bred, having lived in both Lowestoft and Oulton Broad, I have been working in Bridge Road since 2000 and have owned my business on the street since 2009. I have previously been a member of Oulton Broad Community Enterprise, but stepped down from that role to sit as a councillor for Oulton Broad Parish Council. I hope my experience of living and working in the area, and arranging many events and projects over the years, can be used to help the Parish Council fulfil its job of serving the people and assets of Oulton Broad. I believe Oulton Broad is a wonderful place, worth shouting about, and hope that along with my fellow parish councillors we can guide Oulton Broad's development for the better.

Andy Penman

 Andy Penman 2018 I was born in Pakefield and have lived within the Oulton Broad area with my wife for most of my adult life, apart from a spell of five years from 1983 to 1988, on an overseas assignment working through-out the Middle East for a Global Oil & Gas Service company, setting-up Operations, in-fact before retiring early 2016, I had spent forty one year's within the energy industry travelling and working around the world. I've spent several years as a Governor on the board of Lowestoft College and also a couple of years as the President of the Great Yarmouth Chamber council, I'm no longer involved with these organisations which leaves myself with some time to help the local Oulton Broad community achieve great heights.
I own a couple of small companies within the area and in my past role as the Group Managing Director (Founder) of a Global Oil & Gas Service Company, I believe that I have the skills to really make a difference in helping this wonderful parish community to obtain the very best and I look forward to working with you all, in the future.

Lee Pullen

Lee Pullen I have only been living within the Oulton Broad area for the past 8 and half years but already feel very much at home.
I now run a small local business on the doorstep of The Broads and I must say there is a lot worse places to work.
Previously I worked within the travel and sales industries holding various positions up to and including manager.
I am very much hoping to be able work with the other Parish Councillors to enhance and promote the area I now live and work in and call home.